Baldwin is a Bachelor

Alec Baldwin is clearly at least partially insane, but no matter what he does in his personal life he's always going to be respected thanks to his genius performance in GLENGARRY GLENROSS. Even if youngsters missed GLENGARRY, he should have endeared himself to a brand new generation through 30 ROCK and if nothing else, the 'smoking' dialogue he delivers to Matt Damon in THE DEPARTED. Now he's signed on to what sounds like a text-book romantic comedy entitled BACHELOR NO. 2.

"Cook plays a man who is hired to take girls on horrible dates so they crawl back to the boyfriends they dumped. But he struggles with his libido and the meaning of friendship when his best pal needs his help with the girl who dumped him."

The movie will star Dane Cook, who's hopefully gonna improve on his movie credentials (since EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH in partcular was horrible), and Kate Hudson, who could make any film enjoyable.
Extra Tidbit: Did everyone else love Baldwin in THE COOLER?
Source: Reuters



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