Bale has become Dick Cheney in first images from Adam McKay's biopic

Christian Bale is one for going through extreme physical changes to play characters, and by playing former Vice President Dick Cheney in the new biopic about him – BACKSEAT – he will appear truly unrecognizable. A few photos of his weight gain have been scattered throughout the interwebs from interviews he’s given, but thanks to a few shutterbugs the actor can now be seen in complete Cheney get-up. Needless to say, all the pie he's been eating has paid off.

Take a look at some of the images floating around from the set of the Adam McKay movie, with one image also showing Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney:

You can also see some more images posted to Imgur here, which also shows Bale as the young Cheney. The movie will follow the life of the infamous politician, who many believed saw as the true president of the Bush presidency – “Backseat President” if you will – hence the title. The movie also stars Sam Rockwell as President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Tyler Perry as Colin Powell and Steve Carell as Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Obviously, Bale is going to kill this role in appearance alone, but given the person he's playing, there's going to be a ton below the surface that he'll be able to work with. I loved me some BIG SHORT, McKay's film about the financial collapse in 2008, and so BACKSEAT is probably one of my most anticipated films of 2018. Must I refer back to the photos to explain why that is? I think they do a damn fine job of validating my reasons. 

BACKSEAT is aiming for a late 2018 release. 

Source: TwitterImgur



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