Bale says no to JLA

Apparently Christian Bale will not be involved in the JLA movie. I hate this story. I really think that some unfortunate guy is gonna have his work seriously cut out for him if this role is re-cast, like /Film are speculating. Bale is Batman in my eyes. IESB interviewed the man about playing a part in the JLA movie and this was his response:

IESB: Are you doing Justice League after TDK?
Bale: No

IESB: Have you been approached for Justice League? Bale: No

IESB: How would you feel about the studio recasting Batman for Justice League?
Bale: It’d be better if it doesn’t tread on the toes of what we’re doing, though I feel that it would be better if it comes out after Batman 3.

So there you go. As clear as you like. My first thought is that the movie would be better off without a Batman than re-casting him. But a JLA flick without Bats? Would that really work?
Extra Tidbit: Is this movie gonna be awesome? I really thought so, after Reynolds talked about being involved, but now I'm not so sure...
Source: IESB



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