Banksy responds to his Oscar loss with new street art

If you lived in LA in the few weeks leading up to the Oscars, you knew Banksy was in town. His work popped up all around the city, and everyone was waiting to see what would happen on stage when he won an Oscar for his film EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP.

But he didn't.

Rather, the Matt Damon-narrated INSIDE JOB won, and a likely memorable Oscar moment was lost to the abyss.

So how does Banksy feel about his loss? The above piece of art has just popped up in Weston, UK, and it seems to reflect his thoughts on the matter. You can interpret that he thinks the Oscar isn't really much more than a child's plaything, and what this is referencing is an actual even that happened after the show.

One of the KING'S SPEECH's co-producers Simon Egan gave his 15-month old daughter his statue to play with, unfortunately she dropped and damaged it, and the entire event was caught on video which you can see below.

Do you think EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP should have won the Oscar? I just watched INSIDE JOB, and though the content was informative, important and terrifying, it's hard to argue that a bunch of talking heads is a better documentary than Banky's elaborately crafted film about the rise of a modern art superstar.

Extra Tidbit: Come to Michigan Banksy, we have ass tons of abandoned buildings for you to draw on.



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