Barbarella's back!

Drew Barrymore and writer John August (BIG FISH) tried to get a remake of BARBARELLA off the ground but were never successful. That, however, is not going to stop producer Dino De Laurentiis. He is starting fresh and has brought in Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (CASINO ROYALE) to write the script. De Laurentiis said he was impressed enough with Purvis and Wade's work on ROYALE to bring them in on BARBARELLA but didn't Paul Haggis write the majority of the shooting script? I'm confused. The upcoming remake will make Barbarella a "free, modern gal who survives in a futuristic world through her intelligence, fighting skills and sexuality." Jane Fonda starred in the original 1968 film and was considered quite taboo. Heck it featured an orgasmatron type torture device that could cause death by orgasm. The film was based on the French comic book created by Jean-Claude Forest. De Laurentiis will work next at securing a lead actress and likely won't align with a studio until afterwards.

Extra Tidbit: 80s band Duran Duran took their name from BARBARELLA villain Dr. Durand Durand.
Source: Variety



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