Barrymore, Long redux

When most couples split up, they tend to avoid one another like the plague, for fear of awkward moments, sexual relapses, and frantic bouts of jealousy and rage. At least that's how I react during said encounters. But former couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long--aka The Beauty and The Geek--are smashing all stereotypes by going so far as to star in a movie with one another. Wow. Talk about maturity!

The film is called GOING THE DISTANCE, and of course, Barrymore and Long play a couple struggling to make their long distance relationship work. Now I've been in a couple of long distance relationships and I must say; everything seems fine and dandy until that buxom hooker approaches you with an empty hotel room and an eight ball of coke on a lonely Sunday night. At that point all bets are off.

Of course Long's character in the Nanette Burstein directed film will have to be a little more honorable if he hopes to keep a fox like Drew. But honestly dude, what she don't know can't hurt her.
Extra Tidbit: GOING THE DISTANCE is being produced by HAIRSPRAY director Adam Shankman
Source: Variety



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