Barton comes home

Unlike many people I know, I don’t hold a grudge against Mischa Barton for leaving THE OC prematurely to pursue a film career, thus destroying the once culture-defining teen dramedy. How can I resent her when she’s busy doing things like THIS? The waify star will continue her quest for serious-actressdom, by taking a lead role in the independent stalker thriller THE HOMECOMING. Barton will play a girl who has an unhealthy fixation on her high school sweetheart when he returns to his hometown with his new girlfriend. If there is one thing I can relate to on this planet, it’s the unhealthy fixation, so consider my curiosity piqued. And kudos to Barton for not traveling the route of another former TV star by starring in assembly line remakes of Asian horror films. Frank Hannah, who wrote the under-seen gem THE COOLER penned this script, and it will be directed by Morgan Freeman.
Extra Tidbit: Director Morgan Freeman usually goes by Morgan J. Freeman, probably to distinguish himself from the actor of the same name.
Source: Variety



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