Batch of stills from Mel Gibson's Get The Gringo cross the border

A nice helping of images from Mel Gibson's next outing, GET THE GRINGO, have crossed the internet border.  Nothing too fancy or life-altering, but still cool to see some imagery from the film, which I'm actually quite stoked for. GRINGO is directed by Adrian Grunberg who previously worked with Mel as first assistant director on APOCALYPTO and EDGE OF DARKNESS. 

I'm a fan of Mel's acting and directing and I'm happy to see him back.  It's been far too long since he's done a film like GET THE GRINGO, which feels like a South of the border PAYBACK to me.  Which is badass.  The criticism for Mel over his personal life is forever cemented at this juncture; too many people can't let it go, including Joe Esztherhas, who recently posted a clip of Mel yelling at him on the phone over the script for the Judah Maccabee script, which I hate myself for even listening to.

Who hasn't lost their shit before?  It's beyond ridiculous and kind of low for Esztherhas.  "Hey, Gibson got f*cked for screaming at his girlfriend, I'll just get him again!"  I personally don't give a rat's ass what Gibson does in his personal time.  My only investment in him is for entertainment like GET THE GRINGO. 

Let me get off this soapbox and show you some images, eh?

GET THE GRINGO premieres on VOD May 1, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Get The Gringo will be the second film I've seen on VOD when it premieres, the first being the abysmal Red State. Let's hope for a better viewing experience...
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