Batman 3?

Christian Bale has told The Star Ledger that he believes THE DARK KNIGHT hints at the possibility of another flick:

“The script leaves room for a very interesting follow-up, too... I think we could take it somewhere else.”

This isn't really news I guess, because on sheer BATMAN BEGINS power, this movie is going to make the kind of scratch that demands a sequel. Still though, I guess this probably means that we're going to see the emergence of either Two Face or another villain (probably the one that those of us who are following the rumor/spoiler mill feel pretty confident will be making an appearance). Failing that, I'd really like to see The Joker get away at the end of this one, because really, how often does Batman kill his villains? And I don't think there could be any death scene that could do a character as iconic as The Joker justice. At the very least, foil his plot and send him to jail, so he can break out and cause havoc again in BATMAN 8. Still, information to take away from this: another BATMAN, baby!
Extra Tidbit: Ed Norton declined the role of Harvey Dent so that he could play the lead in the upcoming re-booting of THE INCREDIBLE HULK.



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