Batman comic writer Tom King to pen States of America dystopian drama for TV

Pop quiz, Hot Shot: If you're a former officer of the CIA whose got a knack for creating compelling literature, what do you do after you get out of the game? What do you do? Well, if you're Tom King, you use your talents to become one of the most prolific authors and comic book writers of recent times, that's what.

It's been announced that Topic Studios and Playground Entertainment are developing an hourlong dystopian drama titled STATES OF AMERICA, which is set to be written by Tom King. According to Deadline, STATES OF AMERICA is set in a deeply divided U.S. that with an unprovoked act of war has been forced to suffer foreign occupation for the sake of a tentative peace. Combining the thrill and intrigue of speculative fiction with the modern fears and anxiety of the War on Terror, the series explores a world where the old, small differences that divide this country have become the war cries of new nations.

King is a multiple Eisner Award winner who's current work on DC's primary Batman title is positively outstanding, in my personal opinion. He also penned last year's The Vision, a dark and compelling limited series for Marvel Comics. While King has previously announced plans to continue his Batman run well into the title's 100th issue, he's also been set as the author of the upcoming Heroes in Crisis for DC. In the past, King wowed comic readers and critics alike with his original graphic novel The Sheriff of Babylon, published under DC's Vertigo imprint. Babylon, while being set in Iraq, recounts King's experience as a counter-terrorism operations officer in the CIA. I haven't read it yet, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to purchase it as soon as I'm done writing this article.

When asked about the upcoming STATES OF AMERICA project, Lisa Leingang, Senior Vice President of Programming & Content at Topic Studios said, “How often do you get to work with a bona fide former CIA officer turned comic book writer on a project involving national security and terrorism? With Tom writing and our producing partners at Playground, we’re incredibly enthusiastic States of America will deliver riveting drama for audiences to enjoy.”

“Tom King is one of the most successful writers working in comics today, and we’re excited to be bringing his unique voice to television. With States of America, he has created a thrilling and provocative alternate reality, grounded in his firsthand knowledge of counter-terrorism and global politics. Topic Studios are the ideal partners on this project with their commitment to exploring urgent and thought provoking stories,” said Scott Huff, Executive Vice President of Development & Production at Playground.



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