Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice calls for a 15-foot Superman

Are we used to the title yet? Yes? No? Let's move along! A few weeks ago, a photo appeared online of a suit for our titular Kryptonian hero. There wasn't much context to go with the picture, so speculation began on whether or not it was part of the redesign for Superman, or a failed concept or what.

Take a look:

Now we actually know that it is, indeed, a statue. They man of concrete is still being built, but it's been set before a giant green screen that will double . . . for something. I suppose the citizens of Metropolis wanted to forever remember the alien who decided not to try and lead Zod out of the city to fight, and threw a fit when one Kryptonian died after thousands of humans did. Okay, maybe the context will be a tiny bit different.

A reader citing himself as "Bananadoc" snapped this photo (as well as the one featured at the bottom):

Obviously they're not going the Marvel route with the Justice League, and are attempting to go "Avengers" first, and branch out from there with films that aren't necessarily stand-alone. I'm fascinated to see if this will pay off. MAN OF STEEL didn't exactly blow my mind, but it did enough business to warrant BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. The success/failure of this film will determine DC's cinematic future. It'll be a couple of years before we find out, so perhaps everyone will be used to the title by then. Perhaps not...

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE will show you how much justice it brings with a giant grey statue on May 6, 2016.

Source: Batman News



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