Batman will have a ridiculously huge plane in Justice League

Justice League The Flying Fox

At some point, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) obviously had so much money that he said, "screw it, let's build a three-story plane and stick my Batmobiles in there." Bruce Wayne's predilection for wonderful toys is obviously alive and well and Zack Snyder's upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE will feature a whopper: the Flying Fox. Production designer Patrick Tatopoulos spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Bruce Wayne's new toy, which is so large that "you can put three Batmobiles in the lower part of it." Tatopoulos didn't want to design a sleek airplane, choosing instead to make the Flying Fox feel like "an extremely avant-garde classic" which can actually carry things but has the maneuverability of a jet.

Check out a piece of concept art for Bruce Wayne's new ride, and make sure to click to embiggen!

A three-story interior set for the Flying Fox was constructed. "The bottom part of the jet is a huge cargo bay, which the Batmobile sits in," Patrick Tatopoulos says. "The second floor is like a cultural center, with computer terminals. The third story is the cockpit. Whatever floor you are on, you can see [the other] two stories." That's one hell of an airplane, but Bruce Wayne will need the space when he teams up with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) to defend the Earth from the threat of Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds) "He brings them to the Batcave and lets them in on the central conflict of the story, who the enemy is," Affleck says. "There’s a little bit of a Magnificent Seven aspect to it."

JUSTICE LEAGUE will hit theaters on November 17, 2017.



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