Battle of the Babes #9

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I bet you have no idea how much I loved last week's battle. With only one paltry vote, Brittany was clearly out of her ditzy blonde league and out of 16 total responses, there were 8 for Elizabeth Banks and 7 for Anna Faris. Everyone had their reasons and I loved and made note of them all. But let's step away from the Wonder Bread this week and try some multi-grain, shall we? I present to you, The Battle of the Latina Hotties.

Eva Mendes

I couldn't go with the easiest choices of Salma or Penelope, but I figured I could go one close enough and chose Eva. I guess I attribute that to the fact that she's slowly but surely managed to grow on me as an actress and a hottie. I cast her out of my mind when watching ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO because, let's face it, she couldn't hold up against Salma. She just annoyed the f*ck out of me in STUCK ON YOU and nothing else she was doing struck any chords for me. That is, until I unwittingly ended up liking her in GHOST RIDER. Why, I'm not sure. But ever since then, I've been more interested in seeing what she can do both on screen and off (those Italian Vogue shots were quite telling of her willingness to get risky, which I can admire).

Paz Vega

The more people I ask, the more I'm convinced that I'm the only person who actually liked the movie SPANGLISH. Charming, engaging and funny in the film, I can say for certain that I probably wouldn't have bothered looking her up if she hadn't contributed as much as she did to that film. If you haven't seen SEX AND LUCIA... dude, you better get on that now. Holding her own against Morgan Freeman in 10 ITEMS OR LESS (another overlooked and underrated film) and set to really put a smackdown on Hollywood playing Plaster of Paris in the upcoming THE SPIRIT, if you're not drooling, you're not paying close enough attention.

Alice Braga

The name Braga looks familiar for a reason. Alice is the niece of an OG Latina hottie, Sonja Braga. Introduced to audiences in the mesmerizing CITY OF GOD, Alice got even more interesting in LOWER CITY, appearing nude with this air of confidence to her which was tremendously unnerving. The only major female on the cast of last year's I AM LEGEND, Alice appeared earlier this year in Mamet's REDBELT and will be sharing some screen time with Julianne Moore in the upcoming BLINDNESS. She's unique, she's graceful, she's tough and she's got a presence that cuts through glass. She just happens to be a Latina hottie to boot.

Enough from me, what say you?

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