Battlestar movie?

I would like to preface this article by thanking television critics everywhere for their universally superb reviews of the Sci-fi Network’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series. ‘Best show on television’ is not a term thrown around lightly, but when it is, I listen. And after checking it out for myself (all 3 seasons watched in about a month) I have to concur. So thanks TV critics, for a job well done.

Now, as every BATTLESTAR fan is aware, the series’ upcoming fourth season will be its last, which isn’t a tragedy, since I’d rather see a series arrive at its natural conclusion than be dragged out a la X-FILES. But at a recent BATTLESTAR event, series producers Ronald Moore and David Eick addressed the possibility of a feature film, something that’s been on fans' minds since the get-go. David Eick told IESB.net that he indeed hopes a feature film can be made, but that it all depends on the man responsible for the original incarnation, Glen Larson, who apparently isn’t a huge fan of the show’s re-imagining (how is that possible??). Larson holds the feature film rights to the franchise, so if anything is to be greenlit, then may I suggest a steak dinner, or perhaps even hookers. Hookers always seem to do the trick.

Apparently Larson has always planned to make a feature film based on his version of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, so the road to the silver screen might be a perilous one for Eick and Moore. IESB.net has interviews with both producers and one of the show’s stars, Jaime Bamber, who express their wishes on camera to get this thing into multiplexes. You can check out the article and interviews HERE, and hope for the motherfrakking best.

Extra Tidbit: BATTLESTAR is filmed in Vancouver, Canada.
Source: IESB.net



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