Bay okay for more TF

There was never really any doubt, not when TRANSFORMERS became the all time biggest Tuesday earner. Sure Tuesday isn't the most competitive day, but c'mon, this movie is making a ton of money. And despite a lot of negative reviews that have been coming in lately, I think the movie deserves it. I like pretty much all of Michael Bay's movies, I'm not afraid to say it. I love ARMAGEDDON, it's the only movie that can make me shed a tear every time I see it (it's when Willis gives the badge to Affleck and tells him to give it to 'Truman'). So news that Bay wants to do another TRANSFORMERS? Brilliant. He says he has a 'lot of ideas for the next one' and calls TF his 'baby'. Quite a leap for someone who wasn't interested in Prime and co before making the film. Click HERE for what else he has to say, including something about what may possibly be his next project; a movie with no action except for one car crash. What the hell? A Bay movie with no action? What gives?
Extra Tidbit: All of Bay's films post-BAD BOYS, have grossed over $100 million. All except THE ISLAND.
Source: EW



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