Bay talks TF2

Despite some grumblings from director/detonator Michael Bay in the past couple of months, it was essentially a foregone conclusion that he'd be back for a second TRANSFORMERS flick. And what should we expect from the sequel? Not what you might guess.

E! Online's resident writer-hottie 'Reel Girl' caught up with the helmer and weapon-fetishist, who proclaimed that even with Shia LaBeouf's new A-list profile, the kid will have "zero creative input" on TRANSFORMERS 2. Bay also made a statement that seems somewhat incongruous (or magically oblivious) slipping from the lips of the guy with the machinegun style: "I keep telling the writers, remember the heart and the magic, remember the heart and the magic. It's not about being bigger."

Okay... I'm a shameless Bay supporter, but I consider "being bigger" the point of his existence. Also, I watched TRANSFORMERS again this weekend, and while I was still moderately engaged by The Beef's endearingly awkward performance, the near-blinding hotness of Megan Fox and the spectacle of huge fully-realized robots punching each other, I must've missed the scenes with "heart and magic" (they likely blasted past me, given the "3 second edit" rule typically employed by Bay). I'd honestly be content if the sequel just gave the robots personalities that weren't completely juvenile, and had a story that was more than a hectic mess of meatlings and metal. Hey, a guy can dream...
Extra Tidbit: I am still disappointed Bay's SUPERMAN project didn't become reality. And yes, I mean it.
Source: E! Online



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