Bay/Roth hit back

Let the circus continue! I suppose it’s Uwe Boll week here at JoBlo.com, and why not? The man is an endless well of entertainment, and we’re not talking about his films. Come to think of it, him making a mockery out of cinema is almost worth it when sideshows like this are produced from it. Earlier today you saw the video Boll made defending himself against an online petition (and if you haven't, please do), by asking his three fans to make a petition supporting him, and by inexplicably trashing Michael Bay, Eli Roth and George Clooney. Well now Roth and Bay have responded to Boll’s maniacal rant. Roth called Boll’s comments “the greatest compliment ever," while Bay wrote this on his official message board:

“I find people who rant like that - calling shit about both me, and George Clooney - comes from someone screaming because he is not being heard. He is obviously a sad being. When you ask ‘do I care?’ Not in the slightest.”

Michael Bay himself has been somewhat of a punching bag for film fan’s but there’s no question the man has talented. And when put next to Boll, the man is Fellini.

Extra Tidbit: Is anyone starting to feel bad for Boll? No one deserves this.
Source: JoBlo.com



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