Baywatch hopes you'll be ready to look at this first official cast photo

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BAYWATCH could theoretically work as a feature film. 

After all, haven't we learned not to underestimate The Rock Dwayne Johnson when it comes to the entertainment value he delivers in just about everything he's involved in? And after watching him turn out another solid comedic performance in NEIGHBORS 2, this is the type of film that could play right into Zac Efron's strengths. BAYWATCH feels like the kind of flick everyone writes off... because it's BAYWATCH... and then, when it gets released, we're all pleasantly surprised by how it turns out. 

We'll have to wait and see if that winds up being the case, but today Paramount offered up an official cast photo in order to commemorate the fact that they're 365 days exactly out from BAYWATCH's release date. Yay for us. I guess personal phone calls from The Rock Dwayne Johnson reminding us would have gotten too time consuming, even though they would have been preferred. 

Set your calendars now, I guess... or something... or just take a look at who's in this movie and ponder how this might get pulled off. 

BAYWATCH opens in theaters on May 19, 2017.

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