Be in Ferrell's movie!

Do you ever find $20,000 and think 'what the hell can I do with that?' Well then this article is just for you. Will Ferrell is auctioning off a walk-on role in his upcoming movie STEP BROTHERS and, well the opening bid started at $5,000 but it's gone up to around twenty grand now. Cancer for Colleges is an organisation which awards college scholarships to current and former cancer patients. In addition they have recently begun giving scholarships out to amputees too. The bidding ends on September 26th, so if you actually do have that much money and you want to help a worthy cause and play a part in a Will Ferrell movie then go get your freak on over HERE. STEP BROTHERS is the story of two spoiled guys (Ferrell and John C. Reilly) who become competitive step-brothers when their single parents get hitched. Ferrell will probably at some point runs around screaming and/or get attacked by a jungle wildcat.
Extra Tidbit: Adam McKay, who directed TALLADEGA NIGHTS and ANCHORMAN (not to mention the shorts with his daughter 'Pearl') directs this one too.
Source: Cinemablend



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