Be Kind pic

Above is a brand new pic from Michel Gondry's upcoming flick BE KIND, REWIND, of Jack Black and Mos Def recreating a scene from DRIVING MISS DAISY.

I absolutely loved ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND. I'm pretty sure that it's one of the best films ever made. But the more I think about THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP, the more I think that Gondry just totally lucked out with a genius Kaufman script. I've tried several times to get through SLEEP but I just can't. I hate it. And I love Charlotte Gainsbourg. Hence I approach news of his new flick with baited breath. As we know, the movie follows Jack Black, who accidentally erases all the videotapes in the local video store where his best friend works. Fearing that the accident will cost his friend his job, the two of them team up to re-create and re-film every movie that the store's limited clientele decide to rent. It sounds like it could be good, and it's definitely weird and kooky enough to fit Gondry's style. I just hope he doesn't go with huge styrofoam hands and stuff like he did with THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP and that Foo Fighters video. I'll check this one out because Mos Def is one of my all time favourite people. I just hope I'm wrong about Gondry and he has another ETERNAL shaped ace up his sleeve.
Extra Tidbit: Gondry played the drums on Kanye West's hit song 'Diamonds from Sierra Leone'.
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