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    Epstein and the Beatles

Is there a Beatles renaissance going on? Not that they need one, their influence is still quite tangible decades later. But still, their albums are about to be re-issued an Nth time, there's a video game called "The Beatles: Rock Band" on the way and Bob Zemeckis wants to re-do YELLOW SUBMARINE in 3D with motion capture (I'm still WTF-ing that one...).

So how 'bout some love  for the man who got them out of the Cavern and launched them into super stardom? CHARLIE BARTLETT producer David Permut plans to adapt a script from Tony Gittelson called A LIFE IN THE DAY, chronicling the rise and fall of manager Brian Epstein from his discovery of the Fab Four during a lunch break to his death by overdose at only 32, in 1967.

Permut states that he intends to secure rights to a few Beatles songs, but wants the movie to focus mainly on how things got started for them through Epstein. He might've been a bit controversial, he's still the one who plucked them out of obscurity.

No word yet on possible director and star, but maybe they'll make it in 3D. With motion capture. On IMAX. In time for Christmas.

Extra Tidbit: Life on Mars' John Simm would've been perfect to play Epstein, but he's already too old. Can't see who else. Any ideas?
Source: Variety



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