Beau Knapp cast as main villain in Eli Roth's Death Wish remake

So apparently the DEATH WISH remake is still on its way, yet another remake on the remake pile. Like I've said many times before, I got no problem with remakes in general - especially if they can add something or find a new perspective on the material. But this one seems particularly unnecessary, especially with Bruce "When's Lunch" Willis as your star. Though I am a bit interested in seeing how Eli Roth fares directing an action film (since, in my opinion, he's not even great at directing horror).

Speaking of adding something to the original, one thing that is apparently already different between the two versions is the inclusion of a main villain (since the hoodlums who initiate the attack on Charles Bronson's family in the original don't get their comeuppance and are never seen again). And the actor playing said villain (named "Knox") will be none other than Beau Knapp.

Who is Beau Knapp, you may ask? Well, good question, because I didn't know either. But apparently Knapp was in SUPER 8 and was "Blueface" in this year's NICE GUYS. Judging by that alone, I feel he'll make a good, weasely villain that Bruce Willis can lazily point a gun and shoot at. 

DEATH WISH, also starring Vincent D’Onofrio, Elisabeth ShueDean NorrisMike Epps, will lumber into theaters sometime next year.

So what are your guys' thoughts? Think DEATH WISH will be a good remake like THE THING, or a bad remake like VILLIAGE OF THE DAMNED? Sound off below!


Extra Tidbit: Charles Bronson starred in five DEATH WISH films.
Source: Empire



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