Because you didn't ask for it, Paul W.S. Anderson is set to direct Resident Evil 6

I will always be thankful to Paul W.S. Anderson for bringing MORTAL KOMBAT to the big screen. I remember the first time I saw the trailer for that, and my little heart was filled with so much joy and carnage. It's one of the only video game adaptations that work, in my opinion. That's also a long drawn out conversation that I don't want to bore you with.

We are talking about Anderson because he's decided to jump on board to direct RESIDENT EVIL 6 because...what else does he have to do? I personally think those should have stopped after the third, but people do still watch them. RESIDENT EVIL is actually a pretty good video game adaptation as well. But doing like four or more of the same series is a tad too many.

Anderson will get right on top of this thing come Fall with Milla Jovovich obviously in the lead. What else can I tell you about this? Nada. I figure that this will probably be the last of these. Anderson will find something else to work on. He's said something about doing an adaptation of Buck Rogers and some found footage movie. Haven't heard an update on either of those projects. Besides, Anderson and Jovovich always seem like they are having a great time when they are filming.

Ready for more RESIDENT EVIL?

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