See seven new stills from Snow White and the Huntsman

I bet you thought that with seven new stills there would be character shots of each of the dwarves, right? Well, not quite.  Seven is just a good number.  Though one of the pictures does have dwarves in it, and a few are even in focus, so that's something!

Chris Hemsworth and dwarves

In other news, I wonder if the people in MIRROR MIRROR are jealous of SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.  Since people had to read the script in order to sign on to the movie I know this next bit is more or less impossible, but I'd like to think that folks like Jordan Prentice (IN BRUGES) and Armie Hammer (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) showed up to the set on the first day and said "Oh.  No, this is... this is... damn..." Not that everything has to be a gritty fantasy epic like SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, but MIRROR MIRROR just looks bad.  Snow way, right?!

I just threw up a little.  I'm going to fix that by looking at Charlize Theron some more.

Charlize Theron on her throne

Charlize Theron with black collar

Chris Hemsworth at spearpoint

Kristen Stewart with a camera

And here are two shots of Sam Claflin as the Prince, a role that I believe we haven't seen much of beyond a single character poster:

Sam Claflin staring into a flame

Sam Claflin with some arrows

Extra Tidbit: Imagine if Ian McShane's dwarf in this movie was actually a miniature Al Swearengen. Just imagine it.
Source: teenVOGUE



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