Ben Affleck goes retro on the set of Argo

When I see Ben Affleck and Alan Arkin on the set of ARGO, I immediately start to think of the Bee Gees. It's a terrible, terrible cliche. Thank you SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER for making me think of one band anytime the 70s comes up. It's either that or ABBA and I'd much rather think about the Bee Gees.

Bad (or good) taste in music aside, some photos from the set of Affleck's ARGO popped up on the internets today. I'm not going to sit here and analyze his 70s clothing or his hair, this isn't E! Online.

The film is about the 1979 Iran hostage crisis and centers on, "CIA "exfiltration" specialist, Tony Medez (Affleck) who cooks up a crazy scheme to free six American hostages stranded in the home of the Canadian ambassador to Iran." The last time we saw Affleck in anything was THE TOWN. He directed that flick and will be serving as helmer on this one as well. The great Alan Arkin can be seen next in THE MUPPETS.

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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