Ben Affleck steps up to the mic in the first still from David Fincher's Gone Girl

For those of you who have been curious about the progress on David Fincher's adaptation of GONE GIRL, the first still from the film has arrived.

Here we see Nick Dunne (Affleck) with the poster of his missing wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) behind him. The photo itself isn't very telling but if you've read the book then you know there's much more here than what we are being shown. It will be interesting to see how Fincher tackles the two perspectives in Gillain Flynn's novel. Flynn herself serves as scribe, and that along with the directing powers of Fincher tell me that we are in for quite the ride.

GONE GIRL starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Casey Wilson, Patrick Fugit, Kim Dickens, and Tyler Perry hits theaters on October 3, 2014.


On the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick's wife Amy disappears. There are signs of struggle in the house and Nick quickly becomes the prime suspect. It doesn't help that Nick hasn't been completely honest with the police and, as Amy's case drags out for weeks, more and more vilifying evidence appears against him. Nick, however, maintains his innocence. Told from alternating points of view between Nick and Amy, Gillian Flynn creates an untrustworthy world that changes chapter-to-chapter. Calling Gone Girl a psychological thriller is an understatement. As revelation after revelation unfolds, it becomes clear that the truth does not exist in the middle of Nick and Amy's points of view; in fact, the truth is far more dark, more twisted, and more creepy than you can imagine.

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