Ben Affleck to direct an American version of Harlan Coben's Tell No One

Warner Bros and Universal Pictures have optioned the rights to TELL NO ONE, a thriller by Harlan Coben. Ben Affleck is attached to helm the film which will be written by Chris Terrio, who recently penned ARGO.

The novel has already been adapted once by director Guillaume Canet. Deadline states that the American version would basically be a remake of the french film adaptation.

TELL NO ONE tells the story of, "a pediatrician who is out one night frolicking by a lake with his wife when she suddenly vanishes and he is severely beaten when he tries to find her. When she turns up murdered, he is prime suspect. That’s until she’s declared a victim of a caught serial killer. Years later, bodies turn up in the same spot and the nightmare is repeated, the pediatrician again under suspicion. Right around that time, he’s given evidence that his wife wasn’t dead at all."

Extra Tidbit: To get an idea of what you'll be seeing, here's the trailer for the French Film, which also happens to star Kristin Scott Thomas. Note: The beginning is a bit NSFW with the skinny dipping and all.
Source: Deadline



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