Ben Button trailer!!

UPDATE 2 - Paramount and David Fincher himself, oddly enough, have put the smack down. Finch wants nothing but the most pristine HD version online first and has politely asked we remove our flash version. Since the guy made FIGHT CLUB after all we obliged. We're assured the HD version will be up at Apple's trailer site very soon. Very, very soon...

UPDATE - Paramount still hasn't formally released the BENJAMIN BUTTON trailer to the interwebs but we got our sneaky little hands on a clean, English-language version! Hear Brad Pitt speak! Actually see what's going on! Excitement! Updated video link is below...

Perhaps one of the best surprises in going to see INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL this weekend is the trailer debut of THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. The fantasy epic is the long-awaited reteaming of Brad Pitt and David Fincher and follows the story of a man who ages backwards (he's born and old man and presumably dies a baby). This morning a JoBlo scooper sent us a copy of the international trailer for the film to share with everyone. It's in Spanish I believe but since there's hardly any narration at all, it doesn't detract from the experience. Just look at the visuals, listen to the music and bask in one of the finest trailers I've set my eyes on in some time. Can't wait to see this sucker in HD!

Source: JoBlo Video



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