Ben Stiller could be hearing Voices for Mark Romanek

As part of a minor note in a story we did yesterday, it looks like the lead for THE VOICES might be Ben Stiller.

THE VOICES was picked up by Vertigo Entertainment and is being directed by Mark Romanek. Romanek has directed many amazing music videos as well as 2002's ONE HOUR PHOTO.

VOICES is a rather odd story of a man named Jerry Hickfang. Jerry kills a woman who works with him at a bathroom fixtures factory. After the incident, he starts taking advice from his cat and dog on how to cover his tracks and avoid getting in trouble. Stiller is the frontrunner for the role of Jerry.

It seems like the cat, Mr. Whiskers and dog, Bosco have some rather interesting personalities. In the script after the cat's first line, this is the description, "Just like in Babe or Beverly Hills Chihuahua, except that Mr. Whiskers is a son of a bitch." I wonder who they might get to do the voices for Jerry's "lovable" pets. I vote Sam Rockwell for the cat.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Mark Romanek video. Sorry, it's not Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt".
Source: /FilmTHR



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