Ben Stiller offers up the latest scoop on Zoolander 2

We've been talking about ZOOLANDER 2 for quite some time now. The last thing we even heard was that Justin Theroux was writing the script. Then nothing else.

During a trip to New York's Lincoln Center to talk about the first ZOOLANDER, Ben Stiller was asked where the sequel was at:

"It definitely could happen. It just hasn't really come together yet, but there's a script that Justin Theroux and I worked on that we really like, and it's just a matter of figuring out how to do it right. For me and the people who are big fans of the movie, I want to make sure that we're doing it in a way that we felt good about it, and it takes a lot of elements to come together for that to happen."

The actor added that it wouldn't be the next thing he directs, but still has his eye on Theroux to helm. Stiller wants to focus on directing a cast that doesn't include himself.

I think the fact that we got a sequel to ANCHORMAN could really help the case for ZOOLANDER 2. Though they are two different animals, there's also the possibility that if ANCHORMAN 2 does fail that it will make ZOOLANDER 2 less likely. Both are hilarious films with huge fan followings and those fans wanted, and in the case of ZOOLANDER, still want sequels.

Are you still holding out hope for ZOOLANDER 2?

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