Bendis comic Powers goes to cable

Comic scribe Brian Michael Bendis has been writing about 17 monthly books for the past decade, but hasn't had much luck seeing his work translated to theater or TV screens.

Bendis' longrunning superhero/crime book POWERS is apparently finally coming to life after kicking around Hollywood for years. A pilot is in the works at cable channel FX, home to edgy fare like "The Shield", "Nip/Tuck" and "Sons of Anarchy." Bendis is working on it with Kevin Falls, creator of the short-lived and tragically underappreciated show "Journeyman".

POWERS revolves around a pair of police detectives investigating murders in a world of superheroes. One of the cops is uniquely qualified for the role: he was one of the "capes" before losing his powers.

The property was previously set up as a film project at Sony (with Frank Oz once attached to direct), but FX should be a good home for the gritty, noir approach to the superhero genre.

Bendis also had the Eliot Ness story TORSO stuck in development hell with director David Fincher.

(via AICN)

Extra Tidbit: Bendis' work on the Ultimate Spider-Man comic is reportedly influencing the direction of Sony's SPIDER-MAN movie reboot.



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