Benedict Cumberbatch alters the matrix of politics in HBO's Brexit trailer

Just when you thought that Brexit couldn't invade your social media feeds more than it already has, HBO has released a new trailer for BREXIT, an upcoming film set to explore one of the biggest upsets in political history since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

For HBO's politically-charged historical drama, Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE and THE INTIMIDATION GAME's Benedict Cumberbatch stars as British political advisor and strategist, Dominic Cummings. Naturally, the HBO Films, BBC Studios, Channel 4 and House Productions presentation is a byproduct of the Brexit referendum established in the Summer of 2016, which caused a political earthquake that laid waste to the normally stable British establishment and sent political tremors around the world. Cummings spearheaded the Vote Leave campaign, a manipulative organization that targeted potential, uninformed voters, bolstering one of the most upsetting divides in British history. Rory Kinnear also stars as Craig Oliver, Prime Minister David Cameron’s director of communications and head of the Remain campaign.

According to the official HBO press release for the film: This provocative feature-length drama goes behind the scenes, revealing the personalities, strategies and feuds of the Leave and Remain campaigns. The tactics employed by Vote Leave during the data-driven campaign swayed a historically silent voting bloc that would ultimately decide the outcome of the referendum, as well as affecting future elections around the world.

BREXIT, as directed by Toby Haynes (SHERLOCK, DOCTOR WHO, BLACK MIRROR) from a screenplay written by James Graham (PRISONERS WIVES, GYPSY BOY), with executive producers, James Graham, Juliette Howell, Tessa Ross, and producer Lynn Horsford, will debut Saturday, January 19 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT).

Source: HBO



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