Benedict Cumberbatch replaces Guy Pearce in Black Mass; Adam Scott joins

Director Scott Cooper's Whitey Bulger film BLACK MASS is currently in production with Johnny Depp in the lead role portraying the criminal James "Whitey" Bulger. There is now a couple of casting changes to report as Guy Pearce, who was originally set to play the mob boss' brother, Billy Bulger, had to drop out for unknown reasons leading Benedict Cumberbatch to take the role.

Cumberbatch played a fantastic baddie in last year's STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS so I have no doubt he can pull off playing a wise guy's brother. Just don't ever take sides against the family right?

Also joining the cast is PARKS AND RECREATION star Adam Scott who has signed on to play FBI agent Robert Fitzpatrick, a veteran agent. That should be an interesting turn for the comedic actor; I am interested to see how big a part the character will have and how Scott will play him. I've been watching the actor since his days on BOY MEETS WORLD and I tell you, this guy must bath in the fountain of youth it's ridiculous!

BLACK MASS is getting the ball rolling and sounding more and more promising; I wasn’t a fan of Cooper's OUT OF THE FURNACE which seemed to waste such a brilliant cast, we can only hope that doesn't happen with what looks like another stellar ensemble.

Last week we showed you an image of Depp who will undergo make-up and prosthesis to appear as Bulger through the years while hiding from the FBI, check it out:

BLACK MASS will hit theaters October 2015.

Source: THR



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