Benedict Cumberbatch will be the eternal man in How to Stop Time

It’s gotta be good to be The Batch – Benedict Cumberbatch that is. The actor has a ton of new projects in the works, on top of being Marvel’s latest hero-in-residence. No work load is too heavy for the Oscar nominee, and he has just added another project to his slate, and this one could go on for an eternity. You’ll get that in a minute.

Cumberbatch has just signed on to star in the film adaptation of the soon-to-be published book, HOW TO STOP TIME, from famed children and adult book author, Matt Haig. The story is about a 41-year-old man who looks like a 41-year-old man, but due to a rare disease has in fact been alive for centuries. No director has been announced yet, nor a screenwriter, though Haig could adapt his own novel if he so chooses.

The actor’s own production company, SunnyMarch will be bringing the movie to life along with StudioCanal, meaning Cumberbatch will be pulling producing duties too. This is one of many projects coming down the actor's pipeline, including this year’s THOR: RAGNAROK and the Edison biopic, THE CURRENT WAR, with Michael Shannon. I don’t know if it’s culturally insensitive or not to call him a “busy Brit”, but I’m doing it anyway.

Cumberbatch is great in everything he does, and this kind of fantasy drama will diversify his already impressive filmography. My only hope is that between these smaller movies and his MCU work that he doesn’t stretch himself too thin. I would think any actor has so much energy in them before they need to stop for a bit. But he is the Sorcerer Supreme, so I'm sure he can figure something out.

Source: THR



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