Bertino's next thrillers

After THE STRANGERS opened to decent reviews and impressive box-office, you kinda knew that things were looking up for writer/director Bryan Bertino. There was almost immediately talk of THE STRANGERS 2, but luckily Bertino has his sights set elsewhere. The multitasker has signed a deal to stay with Rogue Pictures (based out of Universal where THE STRANGERS was released) to direct two more projects. The first will be BLACK, which is described by Variety as "a character-driven thriller with supernatural elements." After that film, Bertino will get to work on ALONE, a movie that he was already developing with Rogue. He will rewrite the script and direct after BLACK wraps. Meanwhile, he's still working with producer Scott Rudin on the thriller GREEN EYES, which has been in development since Bertino first sold his STRANGERS script to Universal and started getting buzz around town as a hot commodity. Though BLACK seems ready to go, it's unclear when filming on the project might begin. Either way, I'm glad to see Bertino staying original and not getting tempted with a big payday to remake some horror classic.

Extra Tidbit: Bertino was working as a gaffer on indie films in Texas just two years ago.
Source: Variety



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