Best long takes ever

When CHILDREN OF MEN was released at the end of that year, the film's amazingly crafted tracking shots were the topic of a lot of conversation and brought the love of those one-take shots back into the forefront. Today I share with you a list that someone put together - complete with video backup - of the best long tracking shots in film history. And yes, before you get your panties in a bunch both GOODFELLAS and BOOGIE NIGHTS made the list. There's stuff on there you've very likely seen and some stuff you probably haven't. It's hard to pick a favorite among that list because all of them are really awe-inspiring but the Copacabana walk-through is probably my pick for the top slot. It also reminds me of what a crying damn shame it was that CHILDREN OF MEN didn't win the Oscar for Best Cinematography (though neither did GOODFELLAS or BOOGIE NIGHTS). Click here to head to Daily Film Dose to check out their entire list. If you find any of the clips that are missing, help the dude out and get 'em posted so we can all enjoy.

Source: Daily Film Dose



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