Best Movie & TV Trailers of the Week! John Wick 3, Spider-Man: Far From Home

John Wick battling hitmen from atop a horse mid gallop, Spider-Man battling foes from across the pond, Ghosbusters battling, well, ghosts -- it's time for the best movie and TV trailers of the week!

First of all, I have to say that even though it's just a quick TV spot, every bit of footage that I witness from the upcoming PET SEMATARY movie only makes this movie look more and more enticing. I'm a big fan of Mary Lambert's 1989 adapatation, especially the o.g. Gage Creed, played by the wonderfully cute yet creepy kid Miko Hughes, but I'm pretty stoked to see what filmmaking duo Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch bring to the table, especially considering the way they knocked it out of the park with their feature film debut STARRY EYES. This litlte nugget of Zelda puling her atrophied body down a dark hallway looks pretty damn great to me, so I'm excited to check out the finished product when it hits theaters on April 5th.

Speaking of teasers, there's also a little peek up the upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS 3 movie, which is an all male reboot of the 2016 hit. Just kidding. Unfortuantely, it looks like this one will ignore the events of the 2016 Paul Feig film and serve as a direct sequel to Ivan Reitman's 1989 GHOSTBUSTERS II, which is an odd choice and honestly, a bit of a slap in the face to the women who helmed the new GHOSTBUSTERS which hit theaters less than two years ago. However, my mantra is to wait to judge the film until I see it for myself, so I will, of course, check this one out when it hits theaters -- I'm just not too jazzed on this little announcement thus far.

In happier news, SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME has finally dropped a trailer for the highly anticipated follow-up to SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, and it looks pretty freaking great. Tom Holland is probably the best Spider-Man Marvel has ever had, so it will be exciting to follow his adventures to Europe this time around, especially with Zendaya's Michelle Jones at his side cracking jokes and Jake Gyllenhaal's Quentin Beck rocking that spiffy new Mysterio suit.

There's also brand new trailers for JOHN WICK 3, LORDS OF CHAOS, and HIGH LIFE, all of which look spectacular. It's hard to determine which upcoming genre thriller has me the most excited, but I would watch Keanu Reeves teach physics so he's probably got my vote.

This week in TV trailers brings us a brand new teaser for the eighth and final season of GAME OF THRONES, as well as season 2 of Marvel's THE PUNISHER series, the third season of HBO's TRUE DETECTIVE, and the final season of Netflix's UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT.

There were many terrific trailers this week, but really, how can you out-do JOHN WICK 3? The short answer? You can't. Between Keanu Reeves owning the role he was born to play, Halle Berry stepping in to lend a hand in the beautiful but deadly department, and John Wick using a book to kill a man, action movies really don't get any better than this. Simply put: I will be counting down the days until JOHN WICK 3: PARABELLUM crash lands into theaters on May 17th, 2019.



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