Best Movie & TV Trailers of the Week: Wreck-It Ralph 2, Maniac & more

Welcome, loyal JoBlo readers! This is Best Movie and TV Trailers of the Week, where we take the very best previews we saw over the long week and compile them all in one spot for you, just in case you were out and about navigating this mad, mad, mad world that is life. We’re nice like that.

This week was all about the smaller movies on the way, including some marvelous-looking films like SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and the Maggie Gyllenhaal-led THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER. When it comes to the bigger movies the only footage we saw this week was a brief spot for Disney's RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET, the sequel to 2012's WRECK-IT RALPH, which continued to lay it on pretty thick that there will be plenty of Disney princesses around for, you know, plot reasons, I'm sure. 

On the TV end of things, we got some trailers for some highly-anticipated new seasons for critically acclaimed shows, like the second season of MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL and THE DEUCE with James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Man, it really is a good week for her.

Best Trailer of the Week: MANIAC

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