Beyonce drops Clint Eastwood's A Star is Born

I must say, I'm a little pleased hearing this news.

Not that I have a problem with Beyonce Knowles, I think she's probably a lovely human being. However, her "acting" is just too much for me. I often feel like she is trying too hard during a performance. Maybe it's the overachiever in her.

This all leads me to tell you that Beyonce has dropped the leading role in Clint Eastwood's remake of A STAR IS BORN. There is no official word on why, but sources say that the singer already has a busy schedule in front of her and without a set starting date scheduling became too difficult.

There is still no one for the male role either. Eastwood has asked several actors about the part including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, Johnny Depp and, most recently, Bradley Cooper. It's possible that Cooper will take the role, but right now he has to finish up THE HANGOVER PART III, and then moves on to David O. Russell's next film. So it might be awhile before anyone ever sees it.

I personally believe that if they don't get a solid male/female lead soon that the project will either end up in development hell or axed all together.

Eastwood is currently looking at jazz Grammy winner, Esperanza Spaulding. If you remember, Spaulding received death threats from a flock of 13-year olds after beating Justin Bieber in the "Best New Artist" category last year. Word has it that until a male lead is found, they will not be contacting anyone about the female leading role.

Source: Variety



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