Beyonce's pregnancy reveal might delay Clint Eastwood's A Star is Born

Because the MTV VMAs are still desperately trying to create headlines after all these years, they somehow talked Beyonce into revealing that she was pregnant on stage thanks to a very visible belly.

Well that's great news for when my kids are teenagers and want to listen to a hot new talented artist with a musical gene pool, but for now it's probably going to delay the movie she was supposed to star in, Clint Eastwood's A STAR IS BORN.

The film follows a young woman who dreams of stardom and is helped along her way by a washed up former star. Now if you're thinking that washed up star was going to be Eastwood himself, think again.

Leonardo DiCaprio was said to be filling that role, but now he's apparently passed on the project. Being considered now is supposedly Christian Bale, but like Leo, he would seem to be pretty young for the proposed part as well.

In any case, this new joyous news might have Eastwood thinking about doing a different project first, and putting STAR on hold for a while.

Extra Tidbit: Don't we have the technology to CGI out baby bumps now?
Source: Deadline



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