Bid on ScarJo?

Starting tomorrow, if you have an extra pile of cash laying around and you've been waiting to pay for a meet with Scarlett Johansson, then the 17th will be your lucky day.

Okay, it's not that kind of meet, unless you happen to be a sorcerer and can cast a spell on Boobies McGee. Actually, I'm almost 100% sure that none of you contain those powers, but you can still bid on Ebay to meet Scarlett at the premiere of IRON MAN 2. Or if HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU was one of your favorite movies of this year then you can bid on a signed director's chair, a signed vinyl of Scarlett's LP with Pete Yorn "Realtor", and autographed photos!

It is all for a good cause with the proceeds will go to Oxfam America. I would like to meet ScarJo, but I wouldn't really want to pay to meet her. They are also doing auctions for Colin Firth and the Italian kitchen temptress Giada De Laurentiis. Joblo was actually way more into dishing money out for Giada than Scarlett.

I don't know...if you win you do get to see IRON MAN 2 before everyone else...

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Source: EbayPeople



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