Bid on Spidey 4?

Considering the billions in hard currency generated by the SPIDER-MAN movie trilogy, obviously Sony wants another one in theaters as soon as possible. And while a 2011 release has been kicked around, there is still no director or cast officially committed.

But that doesn't mean you can't bid on a chance to be in this theoretical movie! There's an auction now up on ebay (in the name of a cancer charity, although it appears legitimately tied to Sony) that will let the winning bidder visit the set, make a walk-on appearance, meet the cast, go to the red carpet premiere, and even get some snazzy new duds! See all the details RIGHT HERE!

Not a bad package, especially since SPIDER-MAN 4 remains a vapormovie at the moment. But perhaps this means an official announcement is pending. If not, there's going to be one seriously disappointed (but deep-pocketed) winner.

Thanks to all the readers that gave us the heads-up on this!

Extra Tidbit: Any bets on the next movie's main villain? I'd love to see Lizard, Rhino and Vulture... all being hunted by Kraven.
Source: ebay



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