Biehn's Blood Bond

Biehn & Chou on the BLOOD BOND set

Wanna make any action movie or thriller veer into badass territory? Get Michael Biehn onboard. Even better - have him direct it!

The original Kyle Reese just got started on his directorial debut called THE BLOOD BOND, a U.S-China co-production aspiring to be "an action film that would combine east and west in a believable manner".The story follows a quest to save an Asian spiritual leader whose rare blood type only has one donor left alive in the fictional war-torn nation of Bandanesia.

Biehn doubles-up duties as the sought-out donor, a drunken ex-Marine in exile. Kinda wish he'd step away from military roles a bit, but meh - he's badass so go for it! His co-star, as seen in the that pic over there, is a lovely lady named Phoenix Chou whom I've never heard of but hopefully will be better know after this.

Filming can be followed along with a whole bunch of production pics thanks to producer Bey Logan who regularly updates his  blog directly from the set which offers a really cool in-depth look at everything that does or could happen on a movie set. And has many snapshots of the aforementioned lovely lady. Who could blame him?

No distribution deal over here is yet known of, sadly. Thanks to the Twitch bunch for the find.

Extra Tidbit: Who gets killed more often in movies: Biehn or Steve Buscemi?
Source: Twitch



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