Big Hero 6's Ryan Potter really wants to be Robin in Ben Affleck's Batman

Some people look like they were born to kick other people’s asses. One of those people is BIG HERO 6 actor Ryan Potter, who posted onto his YouTube page a choreographed fight sequence designed as an audition tape for Ben Affleck’s upcoming solo BATMAN movie. At the end, the actor has a little message for Affleck:

“Like Tim said, ‘Batman needs a Robin.’”

Check it out below!

It’s no secret that when he says “Tim” he’s referring to Tim Drake, the third character to take up the mantle as Batman’s sidekick after Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. This comes after news dropped that Joe Manganiello would be portraying Deathstroke in the upcoming flick, so clearly casting is still underway. In this new DC universe we have yet to hear of any casting for Robin. Many thought that when Jena Malone was cast in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN that she would be the female version of Robin, but those rumors proved false in the end. Chris O'Donnell was the last major on-screen Robin we saw in action, so we are in much need of an update.

Though I would’ve liked to see a bit more action with the bow staff, Potter looks like he would fit right into a pair of spandex next to the Caped Crusader. He’s young, talented and clearly has the beating-people-up thing down pat, bringing some natural, stylistic martial arts to the proceedings. That would at least save the production money on proper training, so not only does he have the talent, but he’s also a bit of a discount. Win win.

Source: YouTube



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