Big Lebowski book!

I know a lot of people who say that they dislike THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Thing is though, they're mistaken. They like the movie, they just don't know it yet. The thing is funny, insightful and if nothing else, lets us know what a plausible sum for a blowjob from a chick that looks like Tara Reid is( $1000). What other movie can you claim teaches you such invaluable information? Plus, possibly the greatest line ever: "What is this day of rest shit? I don't give a fuck, it don't matter to the Jesus!"

For us that appreciate the flick, there's a brand new book out entitled 'I'M A LEBOWSKI, YOU'RE A LEBOWSKI: LIFE, THE BIG LEBOWSKI AND WHAT HAVE YOU'. I like the title, but don't get too caught up on that, like the Chinaman, it is not the issue. What is important? Well, the book is written by the dudes who organize Lebowski Fest, and generally abide, with a foreword by Jeff Bridges himself! Furthermore, ...insightful interviews with principal actors, including Bridges and John Goodman. Unfortunately, the authors also feature various unsuccessful attempts at capturing the film's quirky humor (How to Dude-ify Your Car) along with too many long and repetitious interviews with various Lebowski fanatics. And I believe, a recipe for the ultimate White Russian!.

If you have a real appreciation for this movie (that is not really so much a movie but a way of life), then you'll probably buy this book. And after you read it, you'll probably say fuck it and go bowling.

Get the book HERE.
Extra Tidbit: This book will really tie your library together. Ok, I think that's enough with the word plays.
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