Big Momma 3, why?

It's not often I can fit an opinion into our 23 character title limit, but I’m glad this is one of those times. For reasons inexplicable to you and me, Fox is readying the world's next black-man-crossdressing-as-a-black-woman project, which somehow over the years seems to have become its own genre. And while it's made Tyler Perry a multi-millionaire, the rest of us have to suffer through NORBIT and now, BIG MOMMA’S HOUSE 3.

Fox has tapped Randi Mayem Singer to write the project, who is no stranger to the crossdressing genre due to her past involvement with MRS. DOUBTFIRE. She’s also writing the upcoming TOOTH FAIRY starring The Rock.

Further research while writing the last few sentences has revealed that the first two BIG MOMMA movies made $174 million and $138 million worldwide respectively, so the motivations behind this third installment are decidedly less mysterious, because how much can these things cost to make? No word on Martin Lawrence’s involvement yet, but the man has to be thanking his lucky stars that this and BAD BOYS 3 are now actually happening. It’s like watching his career get reincarnated right before his eyes, all in one week.

Extra Tidbit: Practically every one of Tyler Perry's Madea movies have been number one at the box office during their opening weekend. True story.
Source: Variety



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