Bill Condon being eyed to helm The Bride of Frankenstein for Universal

We learned last week that the Universal monster movie universe may not be as thought out as we...thought. They’re just sort of winging it at this point, waiting to see if Tom Cruise can bring in the bucks with THE MUMMY.  But they made a big progression yesterday, with word that Oscar-winner Bill Condon may helm another film in their planned slate of films – THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

Deadline is reporting that the director of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (which just crossed $1 billion) is in early talks to direct the monster movie for the studio, but no other details were given. It’s probably in very early stages because, like I said, they don’t seem to have much of a game plan.

Condon’s hiring would be very appropriate for several reasons. He has said in the past BRIDE is one of his favorite monster movies, and he won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay back in 1999 for the film GODS AND MONSTERS, which is about the final days of director James Whale who directed the original BRIDE.  Very appropriate, indeed.

I’m not a fan of all of Condon’s films, and I won’t even bother to give the final TWILIGHT movies a “cough cough”. Nope, those get the full vocals. But he has done great work with movies like DREAMGIRLS, KINSEY and MR. HOLMES. BEAST was good, and I haven’t seen GODS, but I’ve been putting that off for far too long. His BEAST numbers probably helped get him the job, but his passion for the original is what will hopefully make it great. Here’s to Condon, and Universal figuring shit out!

THE MUMMY arrives on June 9.

Source: Deadline



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