Bill Hader is a hitman with dreams in new Barry trailer

Sometimes we’re meant to do greater things in this world. But, the way the everything works, you get stuck in the monotony of everyday life, trapped at the dead-end job of killing people for money. That’s just the way the world works sometimes. But you can control your fate and aim higher, and this is the essence of the new HBO series – BARRY. The show stars Bill Hader as a hitman who discovers a passion for acting and decides to pursue a career in Hollywood. A new trailer for the show has dropped, teasing black comedy and a winning performance from Hader, hinting at yet another binge-worthy entry in the HBO canon. Move over, GAME OF THRONES!

I've been a fan of Hader's since his SNL days and going into his film work, and I've always known he's destined to go even further as time went on. BARRY gives him a chance to embrace his comedic skills while stretching his dramatic muscle, giving him an avenue to prove why he's truly a mesmerizing performer. Sprinkle in a little Henry Winkler and Stephen Root, and you got yourself some must-see television.

BARRY hits HBO on March 25.

Source: HBO



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