Bill Murray confirms his Ghostbusters 3 role

Alright, I need to write up an adequate paragraph of text right here so I don't give away any SPOILERS from GHOSTBUSTERS 3 in the story preview here. So, how about those Saints? Wasn't that Etrade baby milkaholic commercial hilarious?

Anyway, Bill Murray has confirmed what exactly his role in the new GHOSTBUSTERS film will be, and it’s something we’ve discussed previously, though it’s the first time we’ve heard it from Murray himself.

“I’ll come back in Ghostbusters 3 only if I get to be a ghost,” Murray told The Mail On Sunday in an exclusive interview. “I said to them, 'I'll do it if you kill me off in the first reel.' So now they are going to have me as a ghost in the film.”

I, for one, am of the opinion that this film should in no way happen at all, but understanding how reality works, I’ve come to accept that it is coming, and therefore I think that this is actually a clever way to bring Murray back in hopefully some sort of substantive capacity (no pun intended).

Would you rather have him show up as the Ghostbuster-mentor to Jonah Hill and Michael Cera or whoever the new team ends up being? I think his appearance as a ghost opens up a lot more comedic possibilities, I mean, just look at what he did as a zombie in ZOMBIELAND. Well, sort of. 

Extra Tidbit: I swear if they re-record the main theme with Kanye or John Mayer or someone, I'm going to shit.



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