Bill Paxton in talks to direct Kung Fu feature

"What you mean, 'walk the Earth'?

"You know. Like Caine in 'Kung Fu'."

The classic TV series is finally getting a feature film. Bill Paxton is currently in talks to direct KUNG FU, an adaptation of the 1972 series that David Carradine was most famous for... until he starred in KILL BILL and was subsequently killed by ninjas, that is.

The series follows the adventures of a Shaolin monk named Kwai Chang Caine (Carradine) who goes through the American Old West trying to get by on with his spiritual guidance, but mostly by kicking ass.

John McLaughlin (BLACK SWAN) is writing the feature script for Legendary Entertainment (WATCHMEN, SUCKER PUNCH, INCEPTION, etc.), whose involvement means that it will most likely be a huge and stylish film. They're looking to start shooting in China next year, which would be perfect for Paxton since he's just finished up "Big Love". Paxton is best known as an actor, of course (one who makes every film he's in better- see ALIENS and NEAR DARK for proof) but he has directed FRAILTY and THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED.

After FRAILTY I really thought Paxton would take off as a director. It's a massively under-appreciated film, and he obiously has a knack for it. KUNG FU could definitely be a great project for the man.

Source: Deadline



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